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When the booking is completed and confirmed from us, you will receive an invoice for the registration fee of SEK 1000/week which is later deducted from the rental amount. The registration fee must be paid within 7 days. Furthermore, final payment must be made no later than 40 days before departure. The booking is valid only when the registration fee has been paid. Don't forget to state your full name and invoice number when making a payment to Bankgiro 714-7127


The motorhomes are fully insured, and a deductible is payable for each claim. The deductible in the event of a carriage/traffic accident is SEK 10000 and damages that occur due to carelessness or negligence are paid in full by the renter.


A deposit of SEK 5000 is paid via Swish or bank transfer at the time of collection. This will be returned in its entirety provided that the car is returned in a clean condition according to the Swedish Housing Act. terms and conditions of the lease and without any new damages. Damage discovered after the return will be charged.


Weekly rental: Pick-up semi-integrated (larger) motorhomes: Mondays 14.00-16.00Drop-off: Monday 08.00-10.00.

Pick-up Camper Van / camper van (smaller): Wednesdays 14.00-16.00Drop-off: Wednesday 08.00-10.00

For the current pick-up/drop-off date, please refer to your confirmation.

Free miles: When booking for 2 weeks or more. When booking 1 week, 200 miles are included and then 3 SEK/km

Weekend rental: (low season only) Pick-up/drop-off: see above (or by agreement when booking)Free miles: 75, thereafter 3 SEK/km.

Low: V.13 - V.17
Middle: V.18 - V.21
High: V.22 - V.32
Middle: V.33 - V.38
Low: V.39 - V.43


Diesel - The motorhome is picked up and delivered with a full tank. The oil must be checked at each refuelling.


All motorhomes work with a B license.


At pick-up, the car is fully fueled and equipped with 1 bottle of LPG equivalent to 11kg (1 P11). LPG 1 x 11kg is included in the rental cost. Basic kitchen equipment and safety packages are included.


Owner's manuals regarding the technical specifications of the cars and the handling of the living area's equipment can be found on the motorhome/supplier's website. Ask us if you are unsure.


When picking up, a joint inspection of the motorhome is carried out and any damage is documented. In order for your motorhome's holiday to be as smooth and good as possible, we also do a joint thorough function review together before departure.


The cars must be returned fully fueled, and properly cleaned inside and out, even if the option for interior cleaning 1500 SEK has been booked, the fridge must be taken out and cleaned and the hob and sink cleaned. Also emptied and cleaned toilet tank and toilet seat must always be done before returning, if this is not done, SEK 5000 will be charged for not cleaned toilet and SEK 1500 for not other performed cleaning. When returning a non-refuelled car, SEK 200 + estimated fuel cost will be charged. Exterior washing can be pre-ordered at a cost of SEK 750 and this must be done before the return of the motorhome, if this does not happen, the renter will be charged SEK 1000 for external washing if no option has been chosen at the time of booking or no later than the day before the return. For late returned motorhomes, SEK 1000 will be charged for each started hour.


Cancellations can be made no later than 40 days before the first day of rental at a cost of SEK 1000/booked week/weekend. Cancellations 39-15 days before the first day of rental will be charged half of the rental amount, unless another renter can be presented. Cancellation 14-0 days before the first rental day will be charged the full rental amount, unless another renter can be presented.


Anything can happen, but we ask YOU to drive carefully and judiciously. In the event of an accident paid by the insurance company, the deductible is SEK 10000. Replacement windshield in case of stone chips is the deductible of SEK 1500. Damage caused by negligence or negligence will be charged at the full cost of repair. In the event of multiple damages, there may be several deductibles. If diesel is refueled in the fresh water tank, the tank can NOT be cleaned, but must be replaced + any hoses, taps, etc. Diesel is not replaced.


The renter is responsible to the lessor for financial penalties due to violations of traffic and parking regulations that may affect the rental company as the owner of the vehicle, as well as road tolls and other things that may be charged to the vehicle. However, this does not apply if the infringement was caused by defects in the vehicle that the renter neither knew nor should have known about. If the renter does not pay any fines or fees caused by violations for which he/she is responsible without the landlord as owner being forced to pay them, the landlord has the right, in addition to the fine or fee amount, to charge the renter an administration fee of SEK 350 including VAT for each violation.


Kosovo, Moldova, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

International travel within Europe is possible, however, the landlord must be notified when booking which countries are to be visited.


The renter understands that Östgöta Husbilsuthyrning stores the renter's personal data. Östgöta Husbilsuthyrning may, via the central warning function, forward this information to third parties who have a legitimate interest in the information if the information provided in connection with the rental is incorrect on important points and or if the vehicle is not returned no later than 24 hours after a possible extended rental period has expired or if the rental amount must be collected through statutory debt collection procedures. In addition to this, the data may be forwarded to all authorities responsible for investigating offences and offences if the tenant has behaved fraudulently or if there are clear indications of this. This happens, for example, if the renter has provided incorrect information in connection with the rental agreement, presented false ID documents or ID documents that have been reported as missing, returned the vehicle, has not reported technical faults and is guilty of traffic offences and the like.


Additional information: Östgöta Husbilsuthyrning AB, 013-299500, Tift Bäckgård 4, 58599 Linköping e-mail:

If the purchase of a motorhome is made within 30 days of the end of the rental period, the entire rental amount will be deducted from the regular sales price.

A warm welcome from Östgöta Husbilsuthyrning AB